How to Identify if it's a Genuine Subhash Thakur's Flute? 

Since the popularity of our flutes have gained sky heights. Subhash Thakur's flutes are in great demand by all kinds of Flutists. Be it a student learning flute, a professional or hobbyists. 

But we have found many people complaining of purchasing flutes from various vendors E Commerce website in India & Abroad who are selling Bansuris which are not manufactured by us but they are being sold with our name and our product photo.

For this we started making bansuris with special signatures done by the Subhash Thakur himself. We recommend you to kindly always match these signatures with the flutes you purchase. 

If you want our bansuris without "ॐ" sign then please mention it in the customization note while placing the order.